Traditional satin Etched has flaws: Cerium Oxide sticks to the surface in fabricating with Traditional satin etched, caused by open pours surface that does show fingerprints and moisture/stains. Lots of after sale labor costs in repeated cleanings as finger prints really do show on traditional satin etch. Combat this with the new smoother polished surface called CrystalEtch Glass

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CrystalEtch is truly an improvement. It is the satin etch of the future. We have greatly reduced inherent spotting problems by adding a second process treating the etched surface.

CrystalEtch has a slightly higher light transmittance. Traditional satin etch will not match the new brighter cleaner environment created by CrystalEtch.

CrystalEtch finish can be produced on any type of glass. We are offering it on clear float and Low-Iron glass today. Available on all thickness 3 to 19 mill in standard sizes.

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